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AiUlqui: Solitary (Theme #3: Opinion)

 Title: Opinion
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Aizen/Ulquiorra
Genre: Humour
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Summary: Aizen is fascinated with Ulquiorra's skin.

Theme #3: Opinion

For Hybrid-Sunshine

Smooth. Porcelain. Unblemished. Perfect. These were the words that Aizen Sousuke used to describe Ulquiorra Cifer's skin. Ulquiorra's skin, in his opinion, was the Arrancar's most attractive physical trait.

Perhaps some would say that it was not, that it was far too pale, but Aizen begged to differ. It had captivated him from the start, from when Ulquiorra was first born, and Aizen had held him in his arms for the very first time, welcoming the young Arrancar to Las Noches. No matter how briefly he had held Ulquiorra, the touch, the feel of it, it remained with him. That pale skin, to him, it was perfect. The shade of it made the owner look delicate, but that was far from the truth. Even after a battle, Ulquiorra's skin would remain flawless. Not a single bruise or wound would mar it, cut it. What would it be like, to run his fingers once more over that perfect skin? To caress it, to hold it, to give it heat, to make it flush a wonderful shade of rosy pink. To... mar it.

Just the thought sent a shiver down his spine.

Do not get him wrong. He had no emotional attachment towards Ulquiorra - he still viewed Ulquiorra as a tool for war. He just could not help finding that skin of his so intriguing. Every now and then, Aizen would find his eyes drawn to it, as though it was a magnet.

Even now, with Ulquiorra so close, Aizen had to do all he could not to let his eyes wander. It would be ridiculous of him to get distracted by such a minor thing. A man such as himself could not afford to waste his time over such a trivial-

Excuse me?

Aizen paused in his speech momentarily, causing the Espadas gathered around the table to look up at him – all except one.

He pursed his lips.

Why was Grimmjow staring at Ulquiorra like that?

Giving his head a light shake, Aizen continued with his speech but was once again distracted when he caught sight of Grimmjow and saw cerulean eyes roam Ulquiorra's body freely, brazenly.

Seeing that made something that was not unlike annoyance spark within him. The edge of Aizen's lips twitched ever so slightly as a predatory look took over Grimmjow's eyes, gaze still fixed on Ulquiorra.

Just seeing that made him feel like spilling Grimmjow's blood. Every single drop of it.

He was going to have a talk with Grimmjow after the meeting. Mark his words.

And have a talk with him, he did. Aizen had always considered himself to be a very patient man – after all, if he was not patient, he would not have gotten this far into his plan. But somehow, today, his patience was hardly even there. He supposed that most of the Espadas – except, of course, Grimmjow - sensed this because they did not dare let their attention waver during the meeting. It was like his patience was spread too thin, and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez insisted on stretching it, stretching it to snapping point. Every single time Grimmjow cast a look Ulquiorra's way, Aizen could feel his patience stretch even more.

It took all he had not to behead Grimmjow right then and there.

So when he was sure all of the Espadas finally left the Meeting Room and that only he and Grimmjow were left in the room, Aizen cleared his throat.


Grimmjow bowed in a sign of respect. "Yes, my Lord?" The tone of his voice, however, said otherwise.

"We have a matter to discuss." Grimmjow was silent, waiting for Aizen to continue. Aizen took sure, steady steps towards Grimmjow, his hand on the hilt of Kyouka Suigetsu. It was just too easy. All he had to do was to draw his zanpakuto out and bring it down upon Grimmjow's bare neck to end the Sexta's life. He did not do that, though. Instead, he just stopped when he was directly in front of Grimmjow. "It's about your attention during meetings."

Grimmjow remained silent still.

His face did not betray his emotions as he reached down, grasped Grimmjow by the chin and forced him to look up at him.

"I do not appreciate it when subordinates let their attention wander," he intoned, his other hand slowly sliding his zanpakuto out of its sheathe. Cerulean eyes widened slightly at that action, but Grimmjow said nothing. "Just what, exactly, is so fascinating about Ulquiorra Cifer that you insist on not paying attention?"

He pulled his zanpakuto out completely, slicing it swiftly through the air, the tip of the blade gleaming under the light. Aizen pressed the blade against Grimmjow's throat.


Grimmjow licked his lips first before speaking. Aizen listened to him with disinterest, pressing the blade against flesh, threatening to draw out blood every now and then. It did not matter what Grimmjow had to say – he had already decided that he would kill the Sexta for his impudence. Besides, he knew that every single sentence that came tumbling out of Grimmjow's mouth were excuses. Every single one of them. He was not blind – he knew the way Grimmjow had looked at Ulquiorra. Did Grimmjow really think that claiming he hated Ulquiorra would convince Aizen? That look was predatory, and it said that it wanted to dominate, to possess Ulquiorra.

As if he would ever allow Grimmjow to do such a thing.

"Hmph." Aizen sneered slightly, running the blade across Grimmjow's neck teasingly. Impudent. He applied a bit more pressure on the blade. Brash. Blood leaked out of the tiny wound created. Weak.

A lone droplet of blood fell to the floor.

How fragile.


He definitely would not allow such a being to possess Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra was, after all, his Cuatro Espada. Anyone else possessing him would be absurd.

... Of course, Grimmjow was free to possess Yammy if he wanted to.

And Barragan.

And Zommari.

And Aaaruuniainijkdj- however his name was spelt.

Ah, right, what was Grimmjow talking about now? So far, Grimmjow had ranted about how much he hated Ulquiorra and that he had absolutely no reason to look at him, that Ulquiorra was stuck up, that Ulquiorra was ugly (Grimmjow can be so amusing at times), that he was staring at the wall... Excuses. Just when was Grimmjow going to stop talking? He wanted to slit the Arrancar's throat already, but before doing so, he had to at least appear like he was a just leader that listened to his subordinates before striking them down.

"... The only thing attractive about him are his eyes!"

That brought Aizen to attention. He fixed Grimmjow with a cold stare. "I beg to differ."


"I think that Ulquiorra's most attractive feature is his skin."

Grimmjow looked at him, confused.

"His skin," Aizen went on to say. "Emphasizes his beauty."

Once Grimmjow was able to comprehend the words that were coming out of Aizen's mouth – surprising as they were - he shook his head. "Nah, it's his eyes."

"Excuse me?"

"His eyes are his best feature."

... Oh?

Aizen narrowed his eyes at him. "Skin."








Aizen pursed his lips for the second time that day.

"Alright, if you're so sure, then why don't you tell me why you find his eyes so attractive?"

Grimmjow chuckled.

"What?" Aizen said irritably.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you're jealous that I stared at him."

Aizen paused.


The word struck a chord in him, made him think, that maybe, just maybe-


He shook his head, ridding himself of such thoughts and scoffed, though he did feel a bit uneasy on the inside. "Just answer the question."

A lopsided grin appeared on Grimmjow's face. "Well..." Grimmjow began.

And so began a long debate on just why exactly Ulquiorra's eyes or skin were his best feature. Grimmjow stated that Ulquiorra's emerald eyes lit up his otherwise expressionless face, that it showed emotions that his face never would – in those emeralds were a swirl of emotions, they brought life to Ulquiorra. Those eyes, their colour, they were captivating. They were a shade of green, so deep, so rare to see on anyone – they were like jewels, unique. Those eyes, the way they analyzed things, they were penetrating. They saw everything; they were not fooled by lies. Those eyes, they were windows, to understanding just who Ulquiorra Cifer might really be under that stoic exterior. Aizen listened to all of these things that Grimmjow presented to him. While he could not deny that Ulquiorra's eyes were indeed beautiful, he shook his head, and stood by his opinion.

Ulquiorra's skin was his most attractive trait.

"His skin," Aizen said calmly, watching droplets of blood drip down Grimmjow's neck. "Is the most captivating." He smirked. "A mere being like you would never understand. Its shade, it makes him look delicate, precious, but at the same time, it's strong, able to hold its own. The soft glow that it casts under a moonlit night - it makes him look serene. His skin is always flawless, just like him, and it remains unblemished even after a battle." Drawing close, he whispered, his voice so low that Grimmjow had to strain his ears in order to hear. "Have you never envisioned, ever thought about how it would be like to run your fingers across that skin? To feel its warmth?" His voice grew with each word he said. "To send shivers running down it? To turn it into a beautiful rosy flush?"

"Uh... My Lord?"

But Aizen continued to speak.

"To lend your warmth to that skin."


"To mar it... to mark it."

"... Lord."

"To..." The smirk on Aizen's face grew. "Taste it."

Just then, Aizen heard someone clear his throat.

Annoyed that someone dared to interrupt his little speech, Aizen turned to look at the source of the annoyance, to snap at that person, but when he saw who it was, his eyes widened. Ulquiorra Cifer was standing in the corner of the room, with an extremely disturbed expression on his face. Aizen had forgotten that he had asked Ulquiorra to see him after the meeting to discuss his latest mission.

Swallowing hard, Aizen spoke, his lips dry, "Just... how long have you been there?"

"... Long enough," was Ulquiorra's curt reply.

Aizen wanted to die.

Disclaimer: Bleach is not mine.