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ItaDei: Star Struck (Ch. 3/?)

Title: Star Struck
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Itachi/Deidara
Genre: Romance/Humour
Rating: M
Status: In-progress
Summary: When Deidara receives an opportunity to act in a big movie, he jumps at the chance- Only to find out that his rival, the famous Itachi Uchiha, will be his costar. Someone up there must really hate him.


It was late at night when Itachi Uchiha suddenly opened the door to his hotel room and stumbled in. Light from the hallway flooded in, casting light upon the bed, where a suitcase laid open. Even though exhaustion was tugging at his very bones, he did not allow himself a moment's rest before he started to pack his belongings. He had packed most of his things last night, now was time to pack the rest, and he had better hurry. He had about half an hour to finish up before he had to head to the airport. So, in went the rest of his clothes, and toiletries. Used to doing things with limited time on his hands, it did not take Itachi long to finish packing.

A glance at his watch. Fifteen minutes left.

Half an hour to get to the airport.

About two hours till his flight out of here.

His flight would take about ten hours.

Then, he had about an hour to rush for the first meeting of the Ethereal cast.

Damn his busy schedule.

Itachi groaned as he slipped his hand through the sleeve of his jacket. These past few weeks had been filled with nothing but meetings, meetings, and more meetings. His days would begin early in the morning, and would only end late at night, when he would finally reach his room and collapse on the bed. It was exhausting, to say the least.

He could not wait till he was finally home so that he could just sit back and relax.

And hopefully – he picked up the newspaper on the bed and frowned at it – there would not be anything to ruin that.

Five minutes later, with ten minutes to spare, Itachi left the room with his suitcase in hand.

The newspaper was thrown into the wastebasket, unneeded.

Deidara was restless.

Ever since his audition, he had done nearly nothing but sit by the phone, waiting for Hidan's call, hoping that his manager would tell him that he had gotten the role. During those times, he really wished that he had left his number instead of Hidan's in the stupid form.

Every day, he would call Hidan. In the morning, in the afternoon, at night, no matter what the time, he would call Hidan without fail. He had even called Hidan at about four in the morning – and promptly got yelled at; Hidan, like most people, did not like being woken up for such a reason.

In fact, he could vaguely remember what Hidan had yelled at him during the time.

"You bloody little- wait till I get my hands on you! Do you have any idea what time it is? Give it another half an hour, and it'll be five! I have to meet a potential client in a few hours! Are you out of your bloody mind? Quit calling me all the time! I swear, you're such a woman. I'm going to put you in a damned headlock the next time I see you! For the last time, that woman hasn't called me about your role yet-"

... And something something, and something something. After Hidan had said that the casting director had yet to call him, the rest was pretty much babble to Deidara.

Deidara knew that he should find something else to do, but he just could not. He was much too anxious.

He had lost count of the number of times he recounted the events that happened during the audition. He remembered the way Tsunade had yelled at him, the way she would bite her lower lip during some parts, the way her eyebrows would furrow when he said certain lines. Fuck, he especially remembered the way she scrutinized his every fucking move, as though waiting for him to make a mistake. If there was a time where he had felt a bit pressured to perform well, it was then. The woman was like a damned hawk just waiting to rip him apart. Not once, not once during his entire performance did she applaud him. In fact, the most he had gotten out of her was a "Hmph."

Seriously, what the flying fuck was that supposed to mean?

Was his acting too stiff?

Was he good enough?

Did someone else get the role?

What did Tsunade think of his monologue?

Did she think it was bad?

And when he could not find the answer to any of these questions, he would start getting annoyed. He would criticize Tsunade and everyone else in his mind (but mostly Tsunade, since she really ticked him off during the audition. The pushy bitch. Her movies aren't even that great). What did they know about talent? They probably would not know what it is even if it hit them in the head, and his talent had come at them head-on at the speed of a freaking bullet train.


But what if they were right? What if he really was not good enough? What if-

Deidara picked up the phone again, and did what he had done numerous times this past week;

He dialled Hidan's number.

Come on, you asshole. Pick up, pick up, pick up...

The tone barely beeped three times before a loud bang made Deidara look up.

Right outside the apartment building, a silver car came to a stop as it parked itself at a nice parking spot near the entrance. Hidan pushed the car door open, got out and shut it close. Groaning, he locked the car and staggered into the building.

Seven nights.

For seven damned nights, he did not get enough sleep.

And all because of one reason.

"Stupid Deidara," he grumbled, punching the number 6 when he got into the lift.

Just keeping his eyes open took a lot of effort. He did not even know how he had managed to drive himself here without getting involved in an accident.

Again, stupid Deidara.

Hidan rubbed his eye, completely worn. He was so tired, there was no way he would be able to muster the energy to put Deidara in a headlock like he had promised he would. Good God... He had always been one to sleep late, and since Deidara liked calling him so damned early in the morning, well... It was not something good for him.


The elevator doors opened. Hidan's foot was barely halfway out when his cell phone beeped, indicating that Deidara had called once again.

His eye twitched.

Forget a headlock.

He was going to murder Deidara.

"I swear to God." The door to Deidara's apartment was kicked open. Behind the once closed door stood a very miffed-looking Hidan. His hair was in disarray, there were dark circles under his eyes, and he had his cell phone pressed against his ear. He did not look very happy.

"If you called to ask me about the fucking audition again," Hidan growled. "I'll fucking tear you a new asshole."

Deidara blinked, surprised, still holding the phone. "... Un?"

"Here." Hidan threw a file at Deidara, who caught it. "You got the fucking job. Now leave me the hell alone, bitch."

And he walked into Deidara's guest room, where he collapsed onto the bed. All those sleepless nights as a result of Deidara's constant calls had taken a toll on him.

Hidan groaned, hugging the pillow close. "Sleep... I need some fucking sleep..."

Everything was going according to schedule. Everything. He had managed to pack his belongings on time, he had managed to get a taxi on time, he had managed to reach the airport on time... but of course, nothing ever goes exactly as planned, now, does it? Because that is just not how life works. There is bound to be some bumps along the road. So, guess what happened a few minutes before he was supposed to board the plane.


No answers?

Not a single one?


Well, his flight got delayed.

Due to bad weather.

Which was wonderful.

Just... wonderful.

Itachi slumped in his seat and rubbed his temple. He could feel a headache coming on. He would be stuck here for a few hours at most. There was no way that he would be able to attend that meeting. And there was also no way Tsunade was going to be happy about this... (But then again, when was that dragon ever happy?)

Slipping his hand into his pocket, Itachi pulled out his cell phone. Since he did not have the director's number, he dialled the number of his manager. With that done, he pressed the gadget to his ear. It did not take long for his call to get answered.

"Hello? Itachi?" came a man's voice on the other end of the line.

"Hey, Kakashi," Itachi said.

"Why on Earth are you calling me so early in the morning?" Kakashi yawned. "And isn't it time for your flight there? You should be boarding the plane already."

"Yes, yes." Itachi pushed the sunglasses that he was wearing up the bridge of his nose, not eager to get recognized. "About that..."

This time, Deidara did not ask Hidan for a ride. Not because Hidan was still annoyed with him, but because the older man was still in Deidara's guest room, out like a light. The guy looked so tired that Deidara, as much as he would love to make life difficult for Hidan (as payback for being such an asshole sometimes), just did not have the heart to wake him up. He would have to get back at him some other time, then.

So, that morning, after Deidara had made sure that he had locked everything up, he went off to the building on his own. Doing so was easy since Hidan had provided him with a map to the place – it was in the file that Hidan had thrown at him.

He had managed to get there without any trouble at all. He was early, and the moment he entered the room, he saw that just about everyone was there. The directors, the managers... they all looked rather tired, what with Tsunade bossing them around. The actors and actresses, on the other hand, either seemed rather bored or nervous. No one greeted Deidara upon his entrance, nor did they pay him any heed. He was treated like he was an ordinary person of no significance.

But with the way Tsunade was blazing down on a woman called "Shizune", whom he recognized as one of the judges from last week, he supposed that this was a good thing.

"What do you mean he won't be able to attend the meeting?"

"E-eh, well, his manager called and..."

Honestly, Deidara swore that that woman must be on constant PMS.

Quietly, he picked out an empty seat and sat in it. The meeting began not long after, and, just like every other first meeting for movies that he had attended, it was boring. Of all things they were to talk about, they talked about the financing of the movie, which had absolutely nothing to do with the actors and actresses at all. If not for the fact that he did not want to incur a certain blonde director's wrath, Deidara would have skipped this meeting altogether.

None of the things that Shizune told them interested him in the least. Though he knew quite a number of them, Deidara was not very impressed with the actors and actresses chosen to act in the movie either. Most of them spent far too much time trying to get the attention of the paparazzi than honing their talent, in his opinion. But still, he supposed that even with all of that time-wasting, they were still rather good... he supposed.

Now, where was Kei Takahiro?

His eyes scanned the room for the one who would most likely be his love interest in the movie. He wanted to at least know what the guy looked like before having to suck his face off during the kissing scene. However, each male he laid eyes on were either too young for the part, or too old for it.

Where the heck was the guy?

There is no way any of these guys could be Kei, he thought, as he eyed a particular old geezer.

Che. How annoying.

He had always hated guessing games. No patience for them.

When he was sure that Tsunade was not looking his way, Deidara nudged the person sitting next to him. Deidara recognized him as the guy who was made to act with the blond during the audition. What was his name again...? Sai. It was Sai. Sai, right?

"Hm?" Sai looked up from his sketchbook. The bastard was actually doodling in the middle of the meeting.

"Oi," Deidara said, his voice a whisper. "Where's the guy who's supposed to act as Kei, un?"

"Him? He's not here yet."

Deidara furrowed his eyebrows. What was the guy, nuts? With a director like Tsunade, who in their right mind would actually have the gall to be late for a meeting?

"Not here yet?"

"I think I heard them saying that his flight got-"

Something that looked suspiciously like a water bottle came whizzing past their ears.

"Deidara! Sai!" Tsunade's voice boomed throughout the entire room. "Pay attention!"

Two days. Two days of costume fitting. Those two days practically rushed past without Deidara noticing it. It seemed that everyone was busy doing whatever they had to do. For those two days, the crew would bustle about while a few people would take the measurements of the actors and actresses. The person Deidara had gotten to work on him was called Kurenai Yuhi. She was a nice woman, and Deidara was thankful to have her – some of the others were not so fortunate, and had gotten a pink-haired woman by the name of Sakura Haruno to work on them. From what Deidara could tell, that woman's temper was nearly as bad as Tsunade's - God help those who somehow manage to incur her wrath.

And again, thankfully, he did not have to stick around for too long for costume fitting. Since this movie was set in the present, they could get most of their clothes from shops. It was clothes for certain scenes that needed to be custom-made. It was a good thing that Kurenai was a fast worker, else he would have died from boredom. It only took her a short amount of time to design his outfits, and he found himself liking each and every one of them. She seemed to concentrate on designing clothes that brought out, as she had said, his "best features".


Two days. Two days of costume fitting.

And no sign of his missing co-star on either day.

Not that it mattered, really; he did not even bother asking anyone who was his co-star. He would meet that person soon enough, anyway. Tomorrow, they would have to do a photoshoot, and after that, there was going to be a conference. Since attendance was necessary for the photoshoot, Deidara would be able to meet the guy tomorrow.

Deidara stretched his arms above his head as he walked out of the room, another day over. He was sure that whoever his co-star was, that person was not anyone interesting.


Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine.